December 11th, 2019

One of the fundamental requirements in manufacturing procedures is testing of product quality. As such, it is considered a superb quality control criterion. Nonetheless, the dependability of the lab results for any given test solely relies on the type of equipment used as well as its accuracy. In case you are looking for reliable self accelerating decomposition temperature testing, you need to consider Kinetica, Inc certified thermoanalytical testing since we pride ourselves in delivering reliable lab results for your products.

Kinetica has been in service for decades under the oversight of the energy department. The fact that our services are in line with the department of energy means that we are qualified and fit to handle all your testing needs. We comply with the 1005 calibration system. It is thus an indication that the results you get are not questionable. We have been able to serve a myriad of clients over the number of years we have been in this field.

We make use of certified lab equipment since such can guarantee you effective assessing procedures. The ISO 17025 certified facilities at our disposal are ideal for successful yet reliable results. Beside the specialty we take the necessary precautions as a way of ensuring safety for your products is not at risk. We commit ourselves in research to meet both current and future client needs.

At Kinetica Inc., we provide additional tests which include self accelerating polymerization temperature in our quest to satisfy customer needs. The assessing processes include but are not limited to the following–heat of vaporization, heat of solution, pyrotechnic qualification, exothermic reactions, and specific heat capacity, to name a few. Thus, consider our services today for better quality control processes.

Our installed testing facilities can respond positively to any inquiry related to safety procedures in the manufacturing processes. We can proudly assure our customers of desirable test results since we have been licensed to handle both energetics and explosives. Some of critical facilities at our company include differential scanning calorimetry, bomb calorimetry, quantitative reaction calorimetry and accelerating rate calorimetry.

We have been accredited to provide different packages of laboratory calorimetric application. As much as we are specialized in delivering satisfying test results, our services go beyond your expectations. For instance, we provide reliable consultation services, especially on hazardous goods.

Kinetica has been able to provide SADT lab test for many years due to the firm repute we hold among our customers. Commitment to customer needs has been our policy since Kinetica was founded. Therefore, most of the customers we serve are referrals made by fully satisfied customers.

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