Certified Thermoanalytical Testing Services

Kinetica, Inc. is an ISO 17025 certified testing and consulting laboratory whose quality program complies with the ISO 17025:2017 Calibration System. A variety of thermoanalytical services including Accelerating Rate Calorimetry, Bomb Calorimetry, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, and Solution Calorimetry are provided to support process development, process safety, and research for clients in industry, government, and academia.


Laboratory calorimetric applications include: heat of combustion, standard heat of formation, heat of vaporization, heat of solution, heat of mixing, specific heat capacity, explosives and pyrotechnic qualification, thermokinetic parameters for exothermic reactions, self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT) for hydroperoxides and self-accelerating polymerization temperature (SAPT) for acrylic, vinyl, and related monomers and resins.

Consulting and litigation support services for thermochemistry, thermochemical kinetics, dangerous goods, thermal explosion hazards, and self-reactive chemicals.

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