C80 Solution Calorimeter

C80 Solution Calorimeter

The C80 calorimeter is a versatile heat flux calorimeter useful for heat of solution and reaction calorimeter applications. The calorimeter operates isothermally from ambient to 300 C. Programmed heating is conducted in the ranged 0.1-2 K/min. Calibration is by Joule heating or heat of solution measurements utilizing a high purity standard such as potassium chloride (NIST SRM 1655).

A wide variety of calorimeter cells are available; these provide methods to monitor the thermal changes associated with a wide variety of materials required for significant industrial and defense related operations.

C80 Calibration Validation

The C80 calorimeter is calibrated with Joule heating. Calibration is validated by evaluating the heat of solution of NIST certified reference material, KCL. The measured heat of solution (234.6 Jg-1) is in good agreement with the NIST value at infinite dilution.

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