April 17th, 2024

Product quality testing plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process. The results provide reliable information that the manufacturer can use to make decisions. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that the results obtained can be depended upon. Our Self accelerating decomposition temperature lab has put several measures in place to provide quality assurance.

ASTM Test Methods

Our laboratory follows the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) test methods. By doing so, we maintain strict quality control that guarantees test results are repeatable.

ISO Certified

Our facility in Franklin OH is ISO certified. Our analytical procedures and analytical methods conform to ISO 17025 requirements. We provide different kinds of tests to clients in different industries.


ccurate Equipment

We use accurate equipment for different tests including bomb calorimetry testing. We also perform daily calibration using the 1005 Calibration System to guarantee accurate results.

Certified professionals

We only use certified professionals to carry out all tests including the Thermal Runaway Testing. Our experts make recommendations based on data. Our professionals are also available in case you need to consult on something.

Advanced technology

We have kept up with the latest technology. Our clients have access to cutting-edge technology. You do not have to pay an upfront cost in heavy investment, as we have done it for you.

Clear communication

Effective communication between us and our clients is critical. We have put in place management and reporting mechanisms. We are also responsive to any questions you might have about safety protocols. This prevents miscommunication or confusion. Samples are handled according to defined information and procedures. The results are recorded and sent to the customer. We also store the data in our systems and make it available whenever needed.


Outsourcing doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on safety standards. We have put in place quality assurance protocols and we monitor performance. This ensures compliance with safety regulatory standards.

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