June 3rd, 2020

A thermal runaway occurs in batteries when a cell or area surrounding the cell achieves elevated temperatures. This may be due to mechanical failure, heat failure, or even electrochemical abuse. At increased temperatures, exothermic decomposition will begin, which will make the self-heating of a cell to be higher than the rate at which it is dissipated to the surrounding areas. This will cause instability, and it is for this reason why battery thermal runaway testing is required.

Testing the quantities of a cell is a sure way of mitigating this phenomenon from happening. A successful examination would ensure that you produce safer batteries. Working with Kinetica Inc will ensure the procedures are done effectively. We have top-quality scientists who are certified to test this phenomenon and make sure that the cells have adequate heat management.

We are committed to service delivery. And this is why we have high tech equipment that will help us to examine your cells successfully. Our scientists have the full knowledge of the statistical model used to predict the test-to-test variability. This has put us in the right position to undertake the procedure with utmost proficiency. After the testing, you are sure that your batteries are safe from thermic runaway occurrences.

We also look at a fraction of energy put out and release through the casing and the power that is ejected from a battery. Such insights help determine whether or not your batteries are susceptible to this phenomenon. The information has help manufacturing firm to design batteries that are safe for human consumption.

We have been in the industry for a long time. This has enabled us to gain the right approaches and techniques to test your products successfully. If you wish to test your batteries, then call us at 937-743-3082. Our customer care service will get back to you as soon as possible.

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