August 1st, 2022

With more companies and products moving away from fossil fuels and using lithium batteries as the basis of their products’ power supplies, safety testing is becoming increasingly important. Thermal runaway testing gauges how well products perform when these batteries are in use. They let companies know whether their goods are in danger of overheating, catching afire, or even exploding. At Kinetica, Inc., we want companies to know how our certified thermoanalytical testing services can ensure the safety of product users and improve their bottom lines.

Performing this testing early on by aligning yourself with a reputable thermoanalytical testing laboratory early on can save you tremendous amounts of cash. Our services can be an integral part of your product design process. We will help you identify design-flaws during the formative stages of development and before products start being mass-produced.

Using lab tests to inform your design is also a great way to maintain compliance. It is never possible to be too diligent in matters of safety, especially when designing with parts that have the capacity to overheat and cause serious damage. We will make sure that your diligence is duly documented so that you can show regulatory authorities that you have done all that you’re required to do and more.

These tests can also be an excellent way to bring on new investors and to appease your current stakeholders. In essence, they show that product power supplies work without creating the potential for harm. This alleviates fears of specific liability issues and gives you yet another way to show the merits of your goods.

Our tests can also make it easier to pinpoint design flaws. When overheating is an issue, finding out why will make it easier, cheaper, and far less time-consuming to correct the issue. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you keep your design projects on track with your targets.

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