April 27th, 2022

Certain manufacturing, production, and design facilities have the constant risk of fire, explosions, and other heat-related events. Failing to take steps to mitigate these risks can result in disaster. At Kinetica, Inc, as a trusted differential scanning calorimetry testing lab, we want our clients and prospective clients to know just how important thermo chemistry is to their continuity, compliance, and the overall success of their operations.

Our team is capable of identifying risks before they lead to disaster. We can point out problems in the equipment that’s being used, its applications, or its maintenance schedule. It may be time to refine your operations, upgrade your gear, or alter key aspects of your processes. Doing these things now can save you a tremendous amount of cash in the future.

We work hard to help our clients remain compliant with all general and industry-specific regulations. This limits the likelihood of costly liability issues, system shutdowns, and profit loss. More importantly, it allows our customers to keep their focus on the key functions of their companies. Let us help you stay safe while you focus on getting your job done.

If you don’t have your own compliance consultant in-house, we can make sure that all compliance issues are handled in a timely fashion. We’ll tell you when it’s time to order specific reports from our thermoanalytical testing laboratory. If you need SADT performed, we’ll tell you when and we will even guide you through the process of using testing results to refine your operations.

We have an extensive amount of experience in this field and we’ve worked with both small and large private companies. We also work with many government agencies and independent researchers and product designers. Call us today to get info on our complete range of services and to find out more about how we can help you save money, avoid problems, and protect your bottom line!

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