December 2nd, 2022

For successful businesses, safety and compliance mean everything. Shortcoming in either of these two areas can drive productivity to a grinding halt, create financial waste, lower morale, diminish commercial reputations, and more. At Kinectica, Inc., we want to share several ways in which finding the right thermal runaway testing lab can give you peace of mind.

Our self accelerating decomposition temperature laboratory is fully equipped. Moreover, we pride ourselves in using some of the most cutting-edge tools in our industry. Thus, working with us to assess the limits and potential of your products and operations is a great way to ensure accuracy. Best of all, we’ve worked with countless companies in the private sector, government agencies, and research projects in this past. This makes us adept in meeting a diverse range of needs.

Hiring the right thermoanalytical testing service makes it easy to stay compliant. Not only are we able to perform the necessary testing and training for meeting industry regulations, but we’re also constantly abreast of all relevant updates and changes to these regulations. We can act as a compliance partner to your organization to ensure that no missteps are made and no requirements are overlooked.

We understand how compliance itself can be a hindrance to optimizing your bottom line. We offer services and solutions that allow for business continuity. Even as we strive to help you complete essential assessments and training, we do our work in the least disruptive manner possible.

Regular testing is the best form of accident prevention. We provide insights that make it possible to streamline businesses, their operations, their products, and their environments for optimum safety. Given that our goal is to keep you protected, when you work with us, you can spend more of your time and energy focusing on your company’s core functions. Give us a call today to get started.

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