May 9th, 2023

The purpose of a thermoanalysis laboratory is to measure the behavior of matter in relation to changes in chemistry and temperature. A differential scanning calorimetry testing lab assists with detecting and measuring the chemical reactions that may lead to endothermic or exothermic changes. Trusted and leading labs offer a wide range of sophisticated services to assist a variety of industries with analytical tests.

The process of differential scanning is a quantitative method while thermal analysis is meant to determine whether the process is endothermic or exothermic. A professional thermoanalytical testing laboratory assists companies with determining the chemical composition of materials and solutions to ensure that it adheres to industry requirements and regulations. This includes issuing a report in which companies can uphold strict safety standards and regulatory compliance concerning their products, ingredients, and even their packaging under specific environmental conditions.

Some of the industries that use thermo-testing include aeronautical, automotive, and manufacturers of polymers. Company products are tested under controlled conditions and stringent practices ensuring that tests are performed correctly. All processes are conducted by certified and highly experienced professionals in which safety and regulatory standards are implemented.

Another process that assists companies with product testing is the Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature Test or SADT. As required by the United Nations, this method assists with determining the safety of specific types of packaging under particular conditions. Each process is implemented to ensure that the product or packaging meets the required safety parameters whether placed in storage or during transportation.

Using highly sophisticated instruments and under the expertise of our licensed technicians, a variety of thermoanalytical tests are performed based on company requirements. The application of highly specialized procedures is documented by experienced professionals and certification is issued upon completion of quality and safety tests. Reliance on a trusted and professional laboratory can assist companies across industries with safety and compliance standards.

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