March 5th, 2021

To understand this field better, one needs to understand what thermal analysis is. Thermal analysis belongs to material science branch where temperature change in materials is studied. In Kinetica, we can provide unbiased certified thermoanalytical testing services to our clients at a reasonable fee.

Technicians must frequently run tests to establish amount of energy passing through a system. These tests are done basically to help technicians make accurate decisions. These processes are technical in nature hence require high degree of accuracy.

Enthalpy report is a report prepared after the evaluation process and contains findings of the just completed process. Our technicians have sufficient skills and expertise to come up with an accurate report. We have adequately trained our technicians generally to pay maximum concentration to the process and to strictly adhere to laid down formulas.

By doing so, we eliminate the chances of making errors as we strive for accuracy. Our quality policy is to conform to ISO 17025 requirements with matters relating to ASTM procedures, instrument calibration and analytical methods. Our SADT evaluation largely borrows from H1 procedures as well as H4 procedures contained in the Orange Book of United Nations.

SADT is a software and system engineering methodology used to describe hierarchy of functions in a system. The company is mostly involved in process development services and provision of chemical process safety. During our testing procedures we employ protocols such as ASTM where applicable.

We do offer a variety of service ranging from, ASTM E 1981, Cglp studies, accelerating rate Calorimetry to Bomb Calorimetry. We also do DSC commonly known as differential scanning calorimetry, EPA explodability evaluation, oxidative induction time, PDSC and last but not least pyrotechnics heats of combustion.

Specific heat capacity, thermokinetic parameters, thermochemical parameters and thermal characterizations are also some of the jobs our company can provide competently. We offer our expertise to governments, institutions of higher learning, industries and academia. Our services are helpful for research purposes, process safety and process development.

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