December 4th, 2020

Certain aspects of running a manufacturing company can be incredibly confusing. While you and your team members might be adept in designing products and solutions that meet the needs of your clients in efficient and cost-effective ways, verifying the safety of each element, equipment piece, and production method is critical. One large part of these efforts is finding the right bomb calorimetry testing lab. At Kinetica Inc. We aim to make this aspect of your operations easier to manage and understand.

Our services are designed to assess the impact of heat on the materials and equipment that you’re using. This in turn determines the level of flammability and explosiveness that exists, so that processes and procedures can be duly refined and streamlined. Our goal is to ensure safety, limit liability, and help you stay in compliance.

One way to know that you’ve found the right testing lab is quality of communication. Unless you specifically request that we do so, we’ll never use complex industry jargon to define what we do. We’ll explain our methods in terms that work well for everyone. This way, our clients are able to make informed decisions, and they’re far better able to integrate our work into their standard practices.

Another sign of a quality lab is an understanding of the compliance requirements for individual industries. We work with a range of companies in a variety of fields. We pride ourselves in remaining informed of all safety codes, limitations, and other restrictions and requirements for each sector that we service. When necessary, we can help you understand why certain changes must be implemented for the preservation of safety.

With our help, our clients are able to refine their processes in a strategic, targeted way that allows for better, safer outcomes, and far fewer unexpected developments. We bring science that drives and sustains manufacturing. Our overarching mission is to ensure that companies excel at what they do, while preventing hazards and other heat-related problems.

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