August 15th, 2023

Thermoanalysis consists of various techniques to analyze the properties of specific materials when exposed to different temperatures. In food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other industries, understanding how material changes or responds to high or low temperatures assists with packaging, safety standards, and industry compliance. Kinetica, Inc. Offers certified thermoanalytical testing services to assist companies with chemical process and product development safety.

The self accelerating decomposition temperature or SADT testing is a global requirement to determine the lowest temperature at which spoilage or decomposition occurs. When packaging for goods is manufactured, it is important to determine its quality and integrity. Through specialized tests and exposure to controlled parameters, the safety of packaging, whether for storage or transportation, is determined.

Other types of thermoanalytics that are performed include differential scanning calorimetry with an application in storage and transportation of goods. This process assists with detecting the amount of heat that a product or material can tolerate allowing manufacturers to implement the appropriate measures of containment. It is an important safety procedure that assists with choosing the right materials to package and conceal specific products.

Kinetica, Inc. Is a trusted bomb calorimetry testing lab providing specialized techniques to determine whether harmful waste adheres to industry regulations. Using these procedures, the highest safety standards are maintained from assessing the properties of hazardous materials to detecting the temperature of combustion. Depending on client practices and processes, techniques such as solution calorimetry, accelerating rate calorimetry, and EPA explodability testing are available.

Certified thermoanalytical tests are conducted by a professional and experienced team who understands the importance of quality control and adherence to regulations. Safety standards concerning product packaging and manufacturing processes ensure that companies remain compliant and protect the interests of consumers. Due to the nature of these techniques, it must be entrusted to specialists at Kinetica, Inc. To meet local and international standards while providing trusted results.

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