August 12th, 2020

A testing laboratory plays an essential role in inspecting materials to provide unbiased and independent test results for manufacturers and consumers. The tests we provide usually try to answer aspects such as the final release commodities, analyzing product failure, incoming materials assessment, and comparing competitors’ materials. Here is more on the thermoanalytical testing laboratory process.

Historically, this examining method was used to investigate polymers. But today, the process encompasses various techniques to test a plethora of samples. They include but not limited to chemical and petrochemicals, metals and alloys, active compounds, and excipient of pharmaceuticals together with foodstuff.

We strive to meet regulatory requirements while still maintaining a competitive edge. For this reason, our services are always top-notch when it comes to correct measurements, identifying measuring errors quickly, and being aware of any measurement uncertainties. This is made possible with our state-of-the-art routine processes. They include SOPs, method validation, instrument calibration and assessment, data handling, and selecting reference materials.

Our analysts are fully capable of examining any sample coming their way because of the years of experience they possess. With our excellent thermal analysis instruments, we can measure, thermal stability and aging, melting behavior, kinetics, curing and compositional analysis, and also crystallization mechanisms in samples. Additionally, our skills and experience ensure the output regarding measured properties, and the possibilities of interpretation are always secure and accurate.

Kinetica, INC uses the latest technology as they contribute to safe and efficient thermal analysis testing. Advanced technologies go a long way in ensuring that we have easy procedures during tests. It also allows us to have efficient data handling, and storage as well as automation of software and hardware. All these factors contribute to satisfactory services. If you wish to acquire exceptional services from us, reach out to us today at 937-743-3082. We are here to serve you.

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