October 17th, 2022

The measurement of changes in the behavior of matter and materials including pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals is performed at a thermoanalytical lab. As one of the top thermoanalytical testing labs in Franklin OH, Kinetica, Inc. Provides certified testing and consultancy services. Discover the importance of seeking certified and professional laboratory services for all of your thermal testing requirements.

Kinetica, Inc. Offers a wide range of thermo analytical services for clients and as an ISO 17025 certified company, you can rest assured that all assessments and tests are performed to the highest standards. The business has continued to provide quality solutions for their clients providing a fully equipped lab with highly skilled and licensed technicians. Every step of the assessment is carefully conducted and monitored by trained staff.

The certified thermoanalytical testing services that are provided by the company include bomb calorimetry, process development and safety, and differential scanning calorimetry among others. The range of laboratory calorimetric services include heat of combustion, heat of solution, and the measurement of changes in behavior when the temperature is varied for polymers, resins, acrylic, and vinyl.

Self-accelerating decomposition temperature or SADT testing is provided for a wide range of applications. SADT tests are run for hydroperoxides along with the process of SAPT for different polymers, plastics, and resins. Advanced thermal lab techniques assist in determining the safety and behaviors of materials and matter providing companies with important information concerning particular processes and the implementation of safety measures.

For a variety of thermal analytical and monitoring processes, it is important to rely on a certified lab offering the technology and skilled technicians for assessment purposes. The processes and services that are provided by Kinetica, Inc. Provide companies and private clients with information concerning the reactions of materials such as chemicals, gases, and resins with exposure to varied temperatures. For trusted and certified services, reach out to the professional and licensed company to perform thermoanalysis for different materials.

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