September 8th, 2021

Thermal safety is prioritized where lithium-ion battery technologies are concerned. Because of the high demand for slimmer and lightweight devices, manufacturers rely on lithium-ion batteries for operation but with this type of technology comes the risk of battery fires. The purpose of thermal runaway testing is to ensure the safety of electronics, especially during transport and handling.

From notebooks to hoverboards and even aircraft, battery technology must be tested and deemed safe to protect consumers and to prevent product recalls. To safeguard consumers and ensure safe battery operation, the cause for malfunction and hazards must be determined. The runaway test is one of the methods that is used to identify any manufacturing problems or faults with the installation of these types of batteries that could cause a fire.

Subsequent investigations into fire hazards caused by batteries across devices have shown that poor thermal behavior in compromised design or quality control measures. The failure in operation was the result of high levels of rapid heat that led to a fire and this phenomenon is known as a thermal runaway. It is necessary for companies to protect against such incidents as this can prevent the high costs of recalls and the impact that safety issues will have on the future of a company.

Tests are needed to determine the quality of batteries in transportation. To facilitate effective and safe tests, it is necessary to partner with a Self accelerated Decomposition Temperature or SADT lab to complete these operations. The goal is to test for poor manufacture or design and to provide protection for consumers and the company.

Registered chemistry and heat testing services include bomb calorimetry testing to provide companies safety assurances and uphold strict standards of quality control. Maintaining these standards can prevent fire or vapor damage with costly consequences for companies and manufacturers. With reliance on professional lab tests and adherence to strict protocol, companies can prevent the possibility of fire damage and the risk to the public.

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