August 14th, 2019

For most manufacturing processes, product quality testing is an integral part of quality control procedures. The reliance on the results depends on the quality of the equipment and accuracy of the testing processes. Are you searching for information about self accelerating decomposition temperature testing? Do you want to learn the facts about self accelerating decomposition temperature test processes? At Kinetica, Inc Certified Thermoanalytical Testing Services, we are known for the quality of our precision equipment and reliable methods.

Kinetica provides several safety methods for use in processing, developmental and chemical processes. The testing process makes use of ASTM protocols where they are suited to specific test processes.

Our lab facilities are certified for ISO 17025 tests and consulting purposes. The lab operates out of its facility in Franklin OH. We make a number of analytical services available to our clients. Our specialty is able to ensure safety measures are followed in developing new processes. We also do research for our customers which come from the fields of government, academia and industry. We have clients in the chemical process industry as well as related industries.

Kinetica was founded a quarter-century ago under the oversight of the Department of Energy. The firm remains in compliance with the 1005 Calibration System. The SADT laboratory test processes are linked to the H1 and H4 protocols from the Orange Book identified with the United Nations. This attention to quality standards is a testimony to the clients’ reliance on the results.

For best results, the test facilities are able to respond effectively and efficiently for inquiries about safety processes and development of effective manufacturing processes. Kinetica also performs tests on materials and characterization. The lab facility is licensed to work with explosive materials and energetics. The range of instruments available at the facility include bomb calorimetry (BC), solution calorimetry, accelerating rate calorimetry (AdC), quantitative reaction calorimetry (QRC), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

Additional tests available from Kinetica includes SAPT (self-accelerating polymerization temperature) and SADT (self-accelerating decomposition temperature). The facility test services also include temperature of combustion, recognized heat of formation, thermokinetic parameters for exothermic reactions, heat of vaporization, explosives and pyrotechnic qualification, heat of solution, specific heat capacity and heat of mixing tests.

We are qualified to provide a range of lab calorimetric applications. We also provide consultation services and litigation support for hazardous goods, thermal explosion risks, thermochemical kinetics, thermochemistry and self-reactive chemicals, Call 937-743-3082 to learn more about our Certified Thermoanalytical Test Service.

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