May 18th, 2022

The purpose of SADT is to measure thermal stability with the purpose of identifying potential hazards. As an SADT or self accelerating decomposition temperature lab, we assist with stringent measurement standards in highly controlled settings. Our purpose is to assist in determining the thermal risks or hazards of specific types of materials in chemical industries, production, and manufacture.

To determine the thermal stability when handling specific types of materials, specialized instruments and equipment have been developed for this purpose. These instruments allow us to determine the safety of managing materials that consist of chemicals and the scale or lowest point at which the material becomes hazardous. Using SADT testing we can assist companies, manufacturers, and processing plants across industries with safe protocols.

Using self accelerating decomposition temperature testing, we can determine the lowest temperature at which the mass of material will create an exothermic and decomposition reaction. This process is based on the notion that if the heat produced by decomposition is more than the total amount of energy that it loses to its surroundings, then the higher temperatures will accelerate the rate of decomposition. It is important to understand these values because it allows us to identify hazards and necessary measures of control for the protection of the industry, company, and the public.

It is important to ensure that specific types of materials are managed with care whether in packaging or in transport. Our goal is to assist companies including manufacturers and production to adhere to industry regulations and safe practices. With the expertise of our team, we implement procedures that uphold scientific principles and high standards of testing.

At Thermo Chemistry, we provide these methods of testing to ensure the necessary safety standards are met when packaging and transporting certain materials. Through strict quantitative practices, we measure the amount of change to assess material stability. Our highly qualified and experienced team provides lab tests to protect the interests of companies and industries.

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