March 2nd, 2020

In any manufacturing process, testing of product quality is a procedure that can hardly be disregarded as it plays a fundamental role. One of the most significant merits of sourcing the differential scanning calorimetry laboratory is the fact that it can give detailed information about the samples. As such, it speeds up the time used in the process of testing and thereby saving you on the cost of analyzing the samples to get the information needed. In your quest to locate the best DSC Testing Laboratory, you need to consider Kinetica. Inc certified thermoanalytical since we deliver excellent results for your samples.

The lab equipment we use is certified, and hence we are in the position to guarantee you an effective assessment process for your samples. Facilities at our disposal are ISO 17025 certified, which means they comply with the set standards and regulations. As such, they are responsible for the provision of reliable yet adequately assessed results. In addition to that, our lab technicians take the right precautions since such will assure top safety for the samples presented to us.

Commitment to customer satisfaction has been our policy, and hence we provide additional tests. Once you consider our services, you will be able to enjoy assessing procedures such as pyrotechnic qualifications, specific heat capacity, the heat of vaporization, among others. Therefore, by choosing to work with us, you will get top-notch assessing procedures for all your laboratory needs.

Kinetica Inc has forged a strong reputation with the customers, and this has granted us the opportunity to provide DSC testing services for many decades. The provision of reliable results has been the contributing factor for our reliability since the firm was founded. In that regard, most of the clients we have served are referrals that are made by the formerly served customers.

The differential scanning calorimetry assessment we provide helps in determining the specific thermal properties of the polymers in samples. Typically, DSC assesses the heat flow in different phases, especially with regard to the reference sample. As such, it effectively determines whether the heat flow is endothermic or exothermic and hence allowing clients to make informed decisions.

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